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three6five is an independent team of experts that make IP networks work better for the business. three6five operates in Southern and East Africa, helping enterprises and Internet Service Providers ensure that their network systems have the performance and features required to provide the commercial services required by the business.

three6five network solutions is an independent networking services company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We provide the expertise that large companies and Internet Service Providers need to build, improve and manage their IP networks. Our advanced technical skills are complemented by an extensive heritage in determining both the business and technical requirements for taking commercially successful services to market.

The most important value we bring to our clients is the technical insights that feed into commercial planning. Our engineers make sure that your IP network will provide the performance and features that you need to carry out your business.

We can build a network from scratch, troubleshoot and problem-solve, optimise and enhance. Or we can work with your senior technical or operations executives to provide vendor-independent counsel on equipment or supplier selection, network architecture or strategic design choices, or product development.

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Johannesburg: 0860 000 365
Cape Town: 021 418 4840
Durban: 082 677 9177

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