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At Telkom Business, the world of Convergence is where IT and telecommunications meet in a seamless, synergistic relationship that can benefit any size of business.

Convergence starts by bringing mobile and land line services together for maximum business benefit. It enables people to collaborate anywhere, anytime over any device and any network, allowing for improved productivity, increased customer service and reduced costs. Your employees will have the tools that ensure their availability thus improving your productivity and bottom-line performance.

Convergence ensures that your business achieves better PRODUCTIVITY, better VALUE and greater CONVENIENCE by working with ONE solution from ONE service provider - Telkom Business.

Telkom Business is best positioned to bring Convergence to you. We have a reliable, quality Land Line Network; second to none. A world class Data Centre and a growing Mobile Network that facilitates the foundation to offer truly converged solutions.


Brian Armstrong

Brian Armstrong will discuss how convergence holds opportunity for both businesses and individuals.

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