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Internet Solutions was started in 1993, and has, over the last 20 years, built the most stable, resilient, and redundant network available. In addition to its everywhere network, Internet Solutions offers a wide scope of innovative enterprise business solutions, ranging from communication services, mobility services, cloud and data centre hosting, through to network management and monitoring.

While Internet Solutions is committed to serving the needs of the largest corporations in South Africa, IS Ignite was born from the knowledge that the SME business sector would benefit enormously from Internet Solutions' depth of knowledge and resources.

Accordingly, Internet Solutions has created a product suite and value proposition to enable SMEs to do business more successfully. IS Ignite is built on the principle that SMEs must be enabled to easily control their businesses' Internet needs. We leverage Internet Solutions' technical strengths and experience to bring the full business advantage of the Internet to SMEs.

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Telephone: 087 354 7663
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