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Duxbury Networking provides solutions to all your networking and communication needs. We are a specialist distributor of top international computer hardware and communications brands. In 1984 when Duxbury was established, we begun a journey that would see us gain over 25 years of experience, which we can now proudly offer to our partners and consumers.

The search for in-depth information about Duxbury Networking, involves understanding our core aims. At Duxbury, we continuously strive to provide world-class hardware and communications to businesses and resellers alike. As a result, we offer a number of highly sought-after brands, some of which aren't available through any other retailer in South and sub-Saharan Africa. Our specialist knowledge benefits all businesses, particularly those in the IT, telecommunications, service and security industries, which make use of our wireless and communications technology, as well as our surveillance equipment.

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+27 11 351 9800

087 943 9076

Cape Town:
+27 21 423 7115

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