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In 2007, Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) was established to build and maintain an open-access, dark fibre infrastructure for metropolitan and long-haul telecommunications traffic. Now, five years later, DFA's network is quickly approaching the 8000 km milestone.

With state-of-the-art, secure ducting infrastructure, DFA enables telecommunications providers to concentrate on their core business - managed services to their customers - while leaving the financing, building, and maintenance of the necessary optical fibre infrastructure up to us.

'Dark fibre' refers to unlit optical fibre. The fibres remain unlit, until transmission equipment is connected to them. DFA's clients are free to use any networking technology to light the fibre, whether that be Ethernet, WDM, ATM, or SDH. Access is provided on equal terms, and DFA will always remain carrier neutral.


Gustav Smit

DFA CEO Gustav Smit will share his thoughts on national fibre networks and what should be done to make FTTH happen in South Africa.

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