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BitCo is a licensed telecommunications operator providing innovative communications solutions to clients in a wide range of industries. Products include IP PBX & hosted PBX solutions, voice termination services as well as wireless connectivity.BitCo offers simple solutions that literally plug into your business. Making voice and data communication work for you

BitCo was established in 2006 and is growing strongly - our client list numbers in the hundreds, providing real testimony to the value our services offer.

Our success is founded on the following factors:

  • Innovation. Our company was founded to exploit next-generation business telephony using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). That vision for commercialising new technologies remains a strong motivation for us.
  • Technical leadership. We have a strong and passionate technical team, which really takes pride in developing and delivering communications solutions that help clients prosper.
  • Results-focused offerings. Our offerings are geared towards solving real business problems - we listen to what our clients want. A team of highly skilled software developers spares nothing to turn great ideas into practical solutions that really add value.
  • Excellent service. Our 24/7 help desk ensures swift and efficient response to any queries or problems.
  • Comprehensive(and growing) infrastructure. As a tier 1 operator, we own our own network and infrastructure. Our Metro Ethernet network covers the major metropolitan areas throughout South Africa.
  • Absolute integrity. In all our dealings with clients, business partners and other members of the communications value chain, we believe in straight dealing and doing what is right. We know that integrity is the foundation of sustained success.

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Paracon House
Olivedale Office Park
Cnr Lima and Olive street
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